Hello and welcome to my little shop, where you can find keychains, badges and bookmarks of your favourite series!
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Contact me at contact.momiji95@gmail.com



Q: How do I buy your merchandise?
A: Simple!
       - Step One: Send an email to contact.momiji95@gmail.com with what you want to buy (and quantities).
       - Step Two: When I reply to your first email, you can send the money to my paypal account: GallifreyanDetective@gmail.com
       - Step Three: Wait for your package to arrive, it shouldn't be too long!

Q: How much would the shipping price be?
A: You have to add to your final purchase depending on where I have to send the package to:
     Europe: 1€
    America, Asia, Australia: 2€

Q: Can I commission you?
A: Yes, right here !

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask me at contact.momiji95@gmail.com !

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